Pending a new RoboCop movie 2013

new RoboCop movie 2013Pending a new RoboCop movie, there was created the true cyborg defender of the law. When director Paul Verhoeven brought to "RoboCop" on screens in 1987, was the fruit of super-cop fiction. Cyborg, played by Peter Weller, appeared in Detroit after a policeman was mortally wounded and colleagues had "patched" with robotic parts, making it a strong defender of the law, but haunted by his memories as human. The movie was nominated for an Oscar for editing and sound.

RoboCop has continued his career in 1990, directed by Irvin Kershner. This time cyborg was threatened with dismantling a corrupt businessman who wanted to remain only his model of the robot. In 1993, Robert John Burke RoboCop was directed by Fred Dekker. The second and third team of the humanized robot movie told the story of people in danger of being evicted by some greedy builders.

Policeman half-human, half robot had two television series dedicated to one in 1988 and one in 1994. The first series, one in 1988, was an animated adaptation of the original movie, directed by Ray Lee and Marvel producer company. To show that he lacked consistency, was forced to renounce violence, most producers and scriptwriters animated series went to work for "Batman: The Animated Series". In the series of 1994, Richard Eden Alex Murphy was a cyber cop, created by a large corporation, for 23 episodes.

A new draft of the "RoboCop" is in progress now, Responding Imdb and new movie release date is somewhere in 2013. Until then, however, there was an off-screen RoboCop. Military Raytheon consortium launched portable robots that can be used by the armed forces. American soldiers who have already tried robotic suit were very pleased with it as strong and as fast and responds to commands. Costume role is driven by powerful hydraulic pumps to help the military to lift and carry various weights, not to be in danger of being injured. The bearer of such a robotic suit has power as three persons, but it's protected by metal parts of the suit, which acts as an external skeleton, according to Discovery News.