Robocop 3D Movie Remake

robocop remake 2011 2012 trailer 3DDarren Aronofsky has been talking about his vision regarding the remake of "Robocop", but meanwhile, started a movie about ballet.

According to the Moviehole, Robocop was postponed for an undetermined period of time. It seems that Mary Parent of MGM does not want any further / the Robocop remake. The new Robocop project is desirable in 3D.

But Aronofski and repeatedly expressed intent to make a Robocop without the help of computer and digital effects. So, a Robocop in 3D is possible for Darren Aronofsky, who is hit to make a movie more "artistic."

Latest information about the new Robocop 3D was that we announce that the film will be directed by Darren Aronofsky. Since then his left silence over the project, and filmmaker, after he finished The Wrestler, he started a quiet film about ghosts and ballerinas, the Black Swan. Now we are informed that Aronofsky is still involved in the project.

David Self, one of the new writers The Wolfman, he talked to about the long-awaited this Robocop movie remake. It looks like Robocop is expected to MGM until they resolve those financial problems:

"The Robocop 3D project is still active (2011 or 2012?). Me and Darren Aronofsky are still involved. Darren is now another movie, but expect all that MGM's strategy to establish one. We hope to continue working with the studio. "

Self said that Robocop 3D will be a sequel, but a story of beginnings.