RoboCop 2013 Synopsis

Studio Canal, the European distributor of the new RoboCop film, directed by Jose Padilha, has released the official synopsis of the film, which will follow, largely original story by Paul Verhoeven (1987).

RoboCop 2013 movie official banner

"In Robocop, we are in 2029, and is OmniCorp multinational conglomerate robotics center. Their drones wins U.S. wars around the globe, and now want to bring this technology on the home front ", explained in the first part.

Here we have first videos about 2013 Robocop movie: "Alex Murphy is a loving husband, a good father and a good cop, doing everything he can to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit. After being mortally wounded on duty, OmniCorp amazing science of robotics used to save Alex's life."

"He comes back to his beloved city streets has great new skills, but must deal with problems that the average person never experiences before."

In the role of Alex Murphy we will see Joel Kinnaman, while Gary Oldman will become the scientist who creates the RoboCop and Samuel L. Jackson is media mogul Pat Novak. RoboCop will be released in the summer of 2013.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has joined the cast of the new film RoboCop, rebuilt after the 1987 classic film by MGM Studios and Sony, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Film under the directorial guidance of Jose Padilha, has in the main role Joel Kinnaman (The Killing), Gary Oldman was appointed the role of the scientist who contributed to the transformation of dedication cop Alex Murphy, a man law of half man, half machine.

Although it was announced as a re-imagined by Paul Verhoven total production, according to Kinnaman, he will retain many elements of the original, except that it will focus more on the human side of the character. The actor said even that this time, the public will be able to look more forward to Robocop, because the costume mask will not cover too much face.

In what concerns the Samuel L. Jackson, he will get inside a charismatic media mogul, an important figure in the world of Robocop.

More news and RoboCop 2013 official trailer will be here as soon as possible. Until then we let you enjoy viral video for this movie.